Thanks to Danny Jacobs from Glasgow Programmes for allowing me to scan these “The Shamrock” Celtic fanzines. I can’t say for certain when this fanzine started and ended. A detailed history of “The Shamrock” can be found on Not the View web site in their history section. It appears to have been made by The Shamrock Celtic Supporters Club from Edinburgh. One name appearing regularly and was possibly an editor was John Doogan from Gilmerton, Edinburgh. The fanzine was hard hitting and was sold outside Celtic Park before home games. Articles often targetted the SFA , and the Celtic Board.
I know of 15 editions between 18th January 1963 to 26th September 1964 Covers were either dark green , light green or white.
Update June 2008. Celtic collector and Celtic Collectors Club member Jim Donaldson has emailed in to say he has copies of 21 editions of the fanzine. The last one dated Christmas day 1964.
Not The View Current Edition

Not the View
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