The 25th May 2007 brings the 40th anniversary of Celtic winning the European Cup in Lisbon.
I am sure a number of items will appear to commemorate the occasion and the Lisbon Lions.
The Celtic Shop have a number 40th Anniversary of items
View also 2009 boxed commemorative medal
40th Anniv Banquet badge
Banquet Badge 2007 Charity Badge
The badge above to left was given out (on card) to those attending the 40th Anniversary Banquet on the pitch at Celtic Park – 25th May 2007.
The badge to the right is very similar. It is the 2007 Charity Day badge sold for donations before a match in April 2007.
There are 3 replica medals on sale just now, plus one made as a badge. This is only Official one done by the Lisbon Lions as a souvenir of the 1967 European Cup win by Celtic. See image.
They also have 2 badges out. One 10p size the other 5p size – see below
Official by The Lisbon Lions
40th Anniversary badge 40th Anniversary badge
10p size 5p size
40th Anniversary (Celktic Shop) match mug
Celtic Shop Match Mug for 40th Anniversary
40th anniversary (Celtic Shop) keyring - side 1 40th anniversary (Celtic Shop) keyring - side 2
2 sides of 40th Anniversary Celtic Shop Keyring
40th Anniversary (Celtic shop)  badge
40th Anniversary Celtic Shop Pin badge
Celtic Shop Playing Cards in a Tin to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of winning the European Cup in Lisbon. The tin has a cardsleeve. The image of players on the lid is raised.
The cards are identical to standard pack except that they have gold edges when pack held together.
Tin 40th Anniversary playiong cards come in
Unofficial replica winners’ medal
Unofficial replica winners' medal
Unofficial boxed 40th anniversary medal
Unofficial Lisbon Lions 40th Anniversary Medal